5 tips to kiss minimum wage bye bye

5 Tips To Kiss Minimum Wage Bye Bye

Do you feel like you are working a full-time job and struggling to make ends meet on minimum wage? You are not alone. In fact, it's estimated that close to half of all Americans earning minimum wage are unable to afford the basic necessities of life.

Raising the minimum wage is not only a moral issue, it's also an economic one. When workers have more disposable income, they are able to spend more in their communities and drive the economy forward.

Unfortunately, many large corporations have opposed raising the minimum wage, citing potential job losses and higher costs for consumers. However, numerous studies have shown that increasing the minimum wage actually leads to job growth and boosts consumer spending. 


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1. Evaluate Your Expenses 

Evaluate Your Expenses

A key part of financial stability is knowing where your money is going each month. Evaluating your expenses can help you to see where you are spending unnecessarily and make changes to save money.

Start by looking at your bank statements and credit card bills from the past few months. Make a list of all of your regular expenses, such as rent, utilities, transportation, and groceries.

Then, consider which items on the list are necessary and which could be cut back.

For example, you might switch to a less expensive cellphone plan or eat out less often. 

2. Start Looking For Side Hustles 

Side Hustle

You may have heard the term "side hustle" before, but what exactly is it? A side hustle is simply any gig that you do outside of your primary job in order to earn extra money.

And while there are all sorts of ways to make money on the side, from developing a new skill to selling items you no longer need, one of the most popular options is freelance work.

Freelance work can take many forms, from design work to writing to web development. And the best part is that you can often find freelancing gigs that fit around your schedule and allow you to work from home

3. Set Goals And Create A Plan 

Goal Setting

Having goals that you can achieve quickly is always satisfying, but don't forget to set some long-term goals as well so your income will continue to grow over time.

Creating a plan with both short-term and long-term goals is one way to stay on track. For example, a promising short-term goal might be to land a job that pays 10% more than your current salary.

Your long-term goal could involve earning a promotion or starting your own business. By setting both types of goals and creating a plan to achieve them, you can ensure that you're taking steps each day to increase your income. And as your income grows, so too will your ability to save for retirement, purchase a home, or achieve other financial goals.

4. Stay Motivated And Focused 

Stay Motivated

The key to breaking out of the minimum wage lifestyle is to stay motivated and focused on your goal. It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and forget why you're working so hard, but it's important to keep your eye on the prize.

Remember that every step you take is bringing you closer to your goal.

Visualize yourself achieving your dream and let that inspire you to keep going. When you feel like giving up, think about all the reasons why you're doing this in the first place.

What does success look like to you?

What will it feel like when you finally achieve your goal?

Keep those things at the forefront of your mind and they will help you stay motivated when things get tough.

Stay focused on your goal and don't let anything stand in your way. With hard work and dedication, you can make your dream a reality.

5. Network With Other Professionals 


Establishing and maintaining relationships with other professionals in your field can be a great way to further your career. In addition to exchanging ideas and best practices, networking can also lead to new opportunities, such as joint ventures or referrals.

Of course, it's not all about what you can get out of the relationship.

Networking is also about giving back and supporting others in their career journey. By offering your advice and assistance, you can build strong, lasting relationships that will benefit both parties.

So whether you're attending industry events or simply connecting with colleagues online, make an effort to network with other professionals in your field. You never know where it might lead.

Celebrate each small victory along the way!


See the most asked questions

Is minimum wage good or bad for the economy?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question as it depends on various factors and perspectives. On one hand, raising the minimum wage can lead to an increase in income for low-wage workers, potentially reducing inequality and increasing consumer spending. However, it can also lead to price increases for goods and services, job loss due to businesses not being able to afford higher wages, and reduced incentives for businesses to automate and become more efficient. Ultimately, the effects of a minimum wage hike on the economy depend on the specific circumstances, and carefully weighing the potential trade-offs is important in making a decision.

does increasing minimum wage lead to inflation?

There is much debate about whether an increase in the minimum wage will lead to inflation. Some argue that it could cause businesses to raise prices in order to offset their increased labor costs, leading to overall price increases in the economy. Others argue that a higher minimum wage would give low-income individuals more spending power, potentially stimulating economic growth without causing inflation.

Ultimately, the impact of a minimum wage increase on inflation will depend on a variety of factors, including the overall state of the economy and the magnitude of the wage increase. In some cases, there may be a short-term uptick in inflation following a minimum wage increase, but it is not necessarily a guaranteed outcome. Therefore, policymakers must carefully consider the potential effects on both workers and businesses before implementing any changes to the minimum wage.

why should minimum wage be raised?

1) Raising the minimum wage would directly benefit low-income households by providing them with more disposable income.

2) It would also likely lead to a decrease in income inequality, as low-wage workers are disproportionately people of color and women.

3) Additionally, higher wages for these workers could result in improved productivity and employee retention, leading to a stronger overall economy.

4) Many large companies and corporations are able to afford a higher minimum wage, as they have been experiencing record profits in recent years.

5) It is simply morally just to ensure that all workers are compensated fairly for their labor.

6) A growing number of cities, states, and countries have successfully implemented a higher minimum wage without negative effects on their economies.

7) In the long run, raising the minimum wage could lead to decreased reliance on government assistance programs and an overall improvement in the standard of living for low-income individuals and families.

does raising the minimum wage raise prices?

There is no clear consensus among economists on the impact of raising the minimum wage on prices. Some argue that businesses may pass on the increased labor costs to consumers through higher prices, while others argue that businesses may absorb the cost or even potentially see cost savings from reduced turnover and improved productivity among workers. Ultimately, the impact on prices will depend on the specific circumstances of the business and labor market.

However, it is important to note that even if there is some impact on prices, the overall effect on overall economic welfare must also be considered. Raising the minimum wage can lead to higher wages for low-income workers, potentially reducing income inequality and increasing their ability to consume goods and services. This can also have a positive impact on businesses and the overall economy.

Top Takeaways

In conclusion, breaking out of the minimum wage lifestyle takes hard work and determination.

By taking steps such as finding freelance work, setting goals and creating a plan, staying motivated, and networking with others in your industry, you can increase your income and achieve your dreams.

Remember to celebrate each small victory along the way and stay focused on your ultimate goal.

With dedication and persistence, you can break out of minimum wage and reach new heights in your career.
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