About Me

Tom Oganessian

Founder of The Wise Choices Network

Internet Marketing is something that I wake up and go to bed with every day.

My name is Tom and Internet Marketing has been my passion since the early 2000's.

My Expertise and knowledge of Internet Marketing comes from Wealthy Affiliate.

 Been a member on and off since 2006 when Kyle and Carson first started the program.

A Little Background

Graduated from the University of La Verne in 1996 with Bachelor's in Business Administration. What a waste of time and money!!! Never wanted to study business, my passion was Political Science at that time.

Nevertheless, my uncle who was paying for everything told me that if it is not Business then he was not going to pay for anything. I had fallen into the trap thinking that he might be right and just went with it. After graduating in 1996 I went back to Armenia where I am originally from to "run" his businesses. What a 7 year nightmare that was that I am still  recovering from!!!

If you have kids, do not force your will upon them. Let them choose their career based on their own passions and interests. Do not paralyze their Lives!!!  

Came back to the States in 2004 and been here ever since.

When I first heard about Wealthy Affiliate in 2006 and  that you can make money online choosing a PASSION or INTEREST it has struck me as never before that it is a dream come true type of a deal and I should definitely join it.  On top of that, I was working for one of my family members (did not learn the lesson the first time around) and was doing the 9-5 for 5 days a week while learning more about Making Money Online on my spare time.

During all these years, almost 13 years ( and yeah, by the way, I have also managed to graduate from Full Sail University with Masters in Internet Marketing, another waste of time and money!!!)WA has taught me more about Internet Marketing and Marketing in general than both those Universities combined.

In 2013 I have met my current wife, Ani, who does have a  Masters Degree in Business and Marketing, who has also become my business partner and co-owner of The Wise Choices Network.

What is The Wise Choices Network

How did I come up with this name and What is The Wise Choices Network?

I wanted to build a website to promote affiliate products and services but could not come up with a name that reflected the intention of the site. Then I started flipping through the Bible...the words that I kept reading were "choose", "choice", "wise", "wisely". And I said to myself how about thewisechoices.com. Upon checking with Godaddy it was available and I grabbed it immediately.

The Wise Choices Network was built for people who would like to turn their passions and interests into an Online Business. Ani and I have made it our goal to provide you our visitor with highly relevant and helpful content that in turn can help you Build Your Online Business.

Why Do I Want to Help People

The answer is very simple. By helping people to turn their Passions and Interests into an Online Business will not only change their lives but it will also change ours. Every time a visitor, YOU, purchases a product or a service through our links it opens up an avenue for them to become successful and for us to earn more revenue. So, it is our commitment to help you in any way we can and to go that extra mile to help you make that Wise Choice. Hence, if you need any help, feel free to leave a comment and we will do our best to help you out.

In the meantime, please find below some testimonials of other people who I have worked with on different online projects during my career so far. These are Real People leaving Real Feedback.

What Do Others Say

Laura Artis Digital Marketing Manager at NY Social Agenda

Supreme Expertise In All He Does

It was a pleasure working with you. You are professional, detail oriented, diligent, and a supreme expertise in all you do. It was more than honor to be part of your team and if requested in the prospective future, I would not hesitate to say yes.
Thank you very much for teaching and sharing your knowledge on a few things, for your honest perspective on enhancing interpersonal skills, and most importantly your friendship and much more. Wishing you an abundance of luck in all you do.

Pamela Lancaster Human Resource Manager at Tom Markos Recruting

Very Direct and Professional!!!

Tom is a detailed-oriented CEO and is very direct and business professional and it is my recommendation , that he is asset to any organization that might use his skills to better their own businesses

Samvel Siradeghyan Principal Software Developer at OPTYM Armenia SEUA

Smart and Hardworking Person

I had a great pleasure to work with Tom. During the time we worked together, he showed himself as a hardworking, smart person with high sense of responsibility. Tom has very strong technical skills, which he effectively applies to his every day work. He is strong educated, always up to date with every newborn technology in IT world. Tom is a person you could always rely on in any situation, he is always ready to help and cooperate. He is not just a great professional, but also an extremely friendly personality. He would be an incredible asset in any job he participate.

Steven Burhoe Business Plan Development Advisor at Full Sail University

I Gladly Recommend Tom

Tom was one of my most challenging, attentive and creative students while in my class at Full Sail University. As his Media instructor, Tom challenged my abilities and was very appreciative of the help I was able to provide. I gladly recommend him as a creative, detail oriented person.

Rogers M

A Great Client To Work With!!!

A great client to work with. He communicates efficiently and gives very clear instructions.

Kamau M

Kind And Very Clear On What He Wants

Highly recommended employer for all stewards of time-very understanding, patient, kind and very clear in giving instructions. Can't wait to hit the keyboard for his articles.

Ashot Logian Jeweler and Founder of JADO CROWN

Talented and Dedicated Professional

Tom Oganessian is a talented and dedicated professional, person of good morals and strong character. Very responsible and creative, works well with colleagues and clients.

Donna M

Mr. Tom Was Very Flexible, Understanding And Interesting To Work With

Mr. Tom was wonderful. He was very flexible, understanding and interesting to work with. The range of work he had was also great. I would love to work with him again in future projects. Thanks Tom!

Jennifer Toso Social Media Strategy- Employee Advocate - Content Creator- Blogger

Brought A Great Deal Of Knowledge To The Table

Working with Tom was a pleasure. Tom was very professional and brought a great deal of knowledge to the table. Our team project was a breeze with his creativity and organization

Davit Siradeghyan iOS Software Engineer at Workfront

An Outstanding Professional

I know Tom since 2010. Tom is an outstanding professional, one of the most promising associates I've worked with. He is highly motivated and driven by an amazing passion to succeed. Tom has great analytics and excellent problem solving skills. He set ambitious goals, managed the work and directed professionals carrying out negotiations. Tom excels in leadership and teamwork. I have never seen someone as focused and as driven as Tom. It was a pleasure for me to work with Tom.

Leonard Stupak Owner at LA Construction, Heating and Air

Tom Was Very Helpful, Professional and Knowledgeable

It was a pleasure working with Tom! He was very helpful, professional, knowledgeable, and made complicated terminology easy to understand. We highly recommend his services.

All the Best,