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My Recommended Keyword Metrics

(1) Start Broad and Browse for Ideas Start with Broad ideas at first.
Examples of Broad Search:
-Dog Training
-Weight Loss,
-Online Dating
Usually very hard to rank for these types of keywords

(2) Narrow Your Search The narrower the search the more targeted audience you address.
Examples of Targeted Audiences:
-German Shepherd Puppy Training vs Dog Training
-How To Loose Belly Fat at age 50 vs Weight Loss
-Online Dating For Single Dads With Kids vs Online Dating

(3) Makes Grammatical Sense – Make sure the keyword makes grammatical sense. Do not target it just because it has a high search volume.

(4) Related Keywords-Use Related keywords to find better variations of the main keyword

(5) Long Tail Keywords- Always use long tail keywords as they are usually less competitive
Examples of Long Tail Keywords;
Online Dating vs How to Master Online Dating at age 50

(6) Alphabet Soup Technique-Adds variants of that keyword from A all the way to Z.

(7) AVG(Average Monthly Search)I recommend to target keywords that have at least 75 searches per month, as it tends to carry less competition.

(8) QSR( Quoted Search Results)- 30-50 sites competing( if a new site), 100-200 sites competing (if an established site with lots of related content on the keyword).

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I have been in the Internet Marketing Industry for about two decades. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

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