Build A Website
Build a Website

Build a Website

Unlike in the old days when website creation was a big deal,
in the modern digital era the technology has evolved so rapidly that you can build
a very beautifully designed websites with a push of a button.
The whole site creation process has been overly simplified
to enable regular folks who have no knowledge of coding or design,
to crank out websites in no time.
There are numerous platforms in the market that provide you with all the tools needed to build that gorgeous looking and fully functioning professional looking websites in no time. 

Important Metrics To Follow 

You have to treat your website as your storefront.
Your visitors should be able to find you quickly with Fast Hosting,
and to be able to find what they are looking for in no time. 
There are Seven Important Metrics that every successful website should follow: 

(1) Fast Hosting
(2) Professional Design & Look
(3) Easy Navigation
(4) User Friendly
(4) Uses a CMS (Content Management System) aka WordPress
(5) Unique Content
(6) Call To Action

(7) Search Functionality

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Why WordPress? 

Word Press is the most popular website platform in the World.   
Back in the early 2000s most websites you had to manually code HTML and you could not do it without programming  knowledge. 
Today, you don't have to know any programming language and can still build a website thanks to WordPress.
Anybody can build a website and become successful online without knowing how to code. 
WordPress is also known as Content Management System and comes with several benefits:

-Easy to Install
-No need for coding knowledge
-Over 2000 different site templates to choose from
-Comes with over 20,000 different features to choose from
-Instant Help with paid themes

At Wealthy Affiliate it is a Three Step Process

Step 1: Choose a Website Name for FREE
Step 2: Create a Totally Free Site Rubix Account
Step 3: Get Two Free Websites

Site Rubix Dashboard: 7 Essential Features

1)Site Manager
Access Your Websites plus Site Health
2)Site Builder
Build your Website
3)Site Domains
Find, register and manage your domains
4)Site Content
The Ultimate Writing Platform
5)Site Comments
Get comments on your pages and posts
6)Site Feedback
Get feedback on your websites
7)Site Support
Technical support for your websites

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Need Help? I am here to help

If you need help in building your website, you can book  a totally free call  with me or can leave a comment below.

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