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The world keeps changing and it might feel like it's falling apart around you right now, but you have a golden opportunity and I don't want you to let it go to waste.
You have an opportunity to Earn Money by Working from Home.

You can make money on the Internet. It's real.
People make money on the Internet every day.
The future of work is evolving and changing and we have to embrace this new economy.

The Problem: 9-5 Does Not Pay Enough

Back in the old days,  you had to absolutely go to work, go to a physical location and you had to provide a service, you did that in exchange for a wage and your employer paid you.
Today, in this new environment, it is hard to find employment with your old skills.
Moreover, 9-5 does not pay enough.
To be able to survive today you need passive income. 

The Solution: Earn Money by Working from Home with Affiliate Marketing

Today you have websites like WEALTHYAFFILIATE.COM that teaches you skills
to not only survive the challenges of today's economy
but also to thrive and become successful.

New Skills to New Horizons

The Importance of Creating New Income Sources

Learning New Skills

I know a lot of you are at home now, you're reading and watching more content on the internet, you're looking for answers and solutions.
Well, I'm a small business owner and I've been an internet entrepreneur for a number of years.  
I started working in the traditional workforce just like all of you.  
I had to learn internet marketing through Wealthy Affiliate since 2006.
You can read my story >>>HERE.

One of the things I learned very early on was to always have another income source. 
I had a nine to five job just like the rest of you, but I needed to make extra money because I just wasn't getting paid enough, I wasn't earning enough on my own so I always did a side hustle.
And for a lot of you, you can earn money by working from home with your laptop.
You can start just like I did.
You will learn a lot of great skills that you can actually deploy that people want in the marketplace.

And this isn't just for people who are graphic designers,
you can do this as a freelance writer, a coder, a digital marketer.

Now, I know some of you are already skeptical. Like, Tom, I don't have those skills, I don't know how to do these things, I'm not an internet savvy person.
Well, you have to  learn and that's just the harsh reality.
The world keeps changing and what we consider to be valuable in the market keeps evolving and changing.  

Affiliate Marketing: The Fastest Way

The Basic Concept of Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money by Working from Home

Now, for those of you who are more entrepreneurial, because you know, as a freelancer,
you are setting your own hours, you are making your own schedule,
but you are going to be ultimately working for somebody else and
helping grow and build their business.

Well, some of you might be more like me, you might be entrepreneurial and you might want start your own online business.
So back when we had to have a brick and mortar model in order to do business, we only needed websites and some of these online system to do transactions.
And so, this helped me learn to stop trading time for money by itself and saying, oh, pay me this much per hour. Today having a website has become a Must.

Revenue Sharing with a Company

How does the process work

Earn Money by Working from Home

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways to Earn Money by Working from Home,
because it is really practical.
In a nutshell, it is revenue sharing with a company that you have chosen to recommend or represent.

When you are wearing clothe or merchandise from a name brand like Apple, Gucci, etc., you are promoting that product and you are encouraging people to use it whether you realize it or not.
But you're getting zero dollars in exchange for that free marketing that you're providing.
Well, with affiliate sales, it's really just commissions.
If you were a real estate agent and you sold a house, you'd get a commission, wouldn't you?

What if you were working at the car lot and you sold a car, wouldn't you want to get paid commission?
I don't understand  why people think that this is a scam when the reality is if you work at a nine to five job like I
 used to, you might do what I did, make the company millions upon millions of dollars,

but you're not getting a revenue share of the value that you generated,
you're only getting what you agreed to for your hourly wage or your yearly salary, right?
So, instead of doing that, my answer became that well, if I'm going sell something for people, why don't I get a commission?

So the easiest way to start with that is to start learning affiliate marketing.  
I have written a very thorough article on Wealthy Affiliate Review .
Unlike with your traditional jobs where commissions are very low,
in affiliate marketing you can make as much as 75% to even as high as 90% commission.
That I think is amazing!!!

In Conclusion:

I know a lot of you don't believe in passive income, I call it passive income because I think that's more honest and it explains what it really is.
And so, affiliate marketing is something that almost anybody can get into.  
And that ties into the last thing I want to tell you about how you can Earn Money by Working from Home right now and just really take advantage of the time that we're in.
All you need is that 30 minutes or that hour that you would usually use to catch up on Netflix or read or do something else or listen to music,
and you could learn affiliate marketing to add new skills to your skill arsenal.

Question of the day. 

Right now, what is a skill that you think would give you more income if you learned that skill?

About the Author

Hi, My name is Tom, I love travel and the ocean, I take photos to keep my memories alive. Online Marketing has been my passion since the early days when it was just evolving.

Internet to me is the 8th Wonder Of The World that is responsible for producing more millionaires and billionaires than all the industries in the World combined. 


Tom Hovhannisyan

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