How To Choose The Buyer Keywords

What Are Keywords?

Keywords is what people use to search for information online. They search for their hobby, looking for maps, checking the weather, looking for products to buy or watching news. They sum up their thoughts into actions on the keyboard. And at this age of search engines, you can find any information that you want instantaneously. Keywords are summation of people's needs as they type them into the search engine. Search engines have also become part of our everyday life when it comes to research. Whether it's researching a product, a vacation or even for school, search engines are the first place that we go.

Understanding how people think when using different keywords can make a huge difference in choosing your keyword strategy as a website owner. Also, we want to develop keyword insights. Understanding that simply because the searcher types in one word there can be different implications of what they actually mean by that singular word.

So there is more to it then just doing a keyword research. When you combine their behavior to the keyword phrase that they are using then you can build a successful website tailored to your visitor's needs.

Understand The Keywords

How to imply the keyword knowledge into your business?

When building your keyword list you want to start with what search engines are providing in terms of feedback for your specific products or services. The better you understand the keywords the more market share you can grasp and more customers you will attract to your website.

It is very important to get into your searcher's mind because now you know how your visitors are thinking and can use that same strategy for all you are marketing. Understanding how people think when they are making a buying decision is the foundation of any successful website.

4 Important Aspects When Choosing Keywords

It is very important, before targeting any keyword is to type that keyword in to find out what the first page results are. If you look at a couple of websites on the first page you will already know if that page is selling something or just displaying information. In other words, is that keyword a Buyers Keyword or just a plain search phrase.

Also, in suggested results, if you pay close attention, you will notice the order in which those suggested results are displayed to you. They are listed in the order of relevancy. Upon checking those results you then will take a look at your own website to see if what you are providing the searcher is what they are looking for or not.

When Choosing the keywords for your website here are 4 important guidelines you need to follow

1. Quality Traffic.  The right keywords will attract  the right type of visitors who are looking for the same information or product that your website is offering. Relevancy is very important. You do not need 10,000 people who are searching for everything. 1000 relevant searchers is what will make you money.

2. Mid-Level Competition.      The industry standard is 100 competing websites for the keyword. How do you find those keywords? You type that keyword in quotes and if the search engines show you the number 100 then it is a green light. To target keywords with no competition means that there is no business there. So stay away from those. 

3. Mid-to-Low Level Traffic.    Do not assume that every keyword you choose will have high amount of searches. You would rather target 5 keywords that have for example 200 searches per month than try and look for a single keyword with 1,000 searches per month.

4. Profitable Keywords.If you target the right keywords then your website will generate greater income vs targeting the wrong ones will cost you both time and lost revenue. Therefore, there is a huge difference between buyer keywords and just keywords.

Use These Keywords For Your Website

1. Must Have Keywords:-Amazing, Anniversary, Basic, Best, Big, Bonus, Discover, Exclusive, Extra, Extraordinary, Fast First, Free, Guarantee, Health, Help, Hot, Hot Special, How to, Improve, Immediately, Learn, Latest, Love, Know, Money, More New, Now, Plus!, Powerful, Premiere, Protect, Proven, Quick Results, Safety, Save, Safe, Today, Ultimate, Win, Worst, You

2. Buying Keywords:-Buy, Purchase, Order, Discount, Sale, Coupon, Code, Store, Shop, Pre-order, In Stock, Free Shipping, Overnight Shipping, Price, Cost, Color (blue, green, white, etc.), Size (small, large, medium, extra large, etc.), Product Name (Sony, Samsung, Ford, etc.), Where To Purchase, Bestselling (TV, phone, camera, e book).

3. Call To Action Keywords: Click Here To Learn More, Click Here, Buy Now, Checkout, Order Now, Sign Up, Purchase Now, Call Now.

4. Keep Reading Keywords: For Example, There is more, In Fact, It gets even better, Up Next, Who, Where, When, Why

In Conclusion

Keywords are the lifeblood of any website as it gives you the most important insight into the market-into your customers' minds. To be successful means to have relevant traffic of interested searchers who came to your webpage to solve their problem. The more relevant your site is in relation to what they are searching for then you have a better chance of converting that visitor into a buyer.

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