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The old and traditional way of doing business is almost over. The digital storm overtakes the economy, especially after the 2020 Pandemic. Owning a company and a website is no longer sufficient. You now have to have an online presence on Social Media.
Based on a poll conducted by The Harris Poll, which surveyed more than 1000 US customers and 250 business executives to better comprehend the importance of using social media. Ready To Learn More About Social Media Marketing?
Here are the seven stats that prove the importance of Social Media Marketing.


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7 Important Stats About Social Media Marketing


1.60% of consumers read a post on Social Media before purchasing a product. 
2. 70% of consumers say they like to interact with the company on Social Media.
3. 45% of consumers increased 
discovered new products through Social Media. 
4. 85% of customers will purchase 
from a company after they liked on them Social Media.
5. 90% of top management executives 
will invest in Social Media Marketing.
6. 95% of businesses 
will tripple their investment in social media marketing in the next 2 years.
7.75% of midsize businesses 
utilize data from Social Media to learn about their customers. 

Over 200 Million Active Users Daily?

Now you know your company must be on Social Media. They have over 200 million active daily users. But as a beginner, this Social Media marketing can be overwhelming and complex.
-So, how do you start?
-Which Network do you go after?
-How do you create content? How to build a following?
Let's take a look.

Which Social Media Networks Should You Go After?


You could be on all of them, which is a good idea ; however, you will not have enough time to dedicate to doing a good job, so your profile and posts will be mediocre or average.
Six or seven years ago, making a post and getting traffic back to your site was easy.

But nowadays, their algorithms are very strict and only look for the best of the best. Moreover, being average will get you no reach. So being mediocre, it is better to not be on any of them.

Now, if you are in B2B (Business to Business), there is a big chance that LinkedIn is the right network.
Another B2B Network would be Twitter., but LinkedIn is more specialized in that market.

If you are in B2C( Business to Consumer), Facebook and Instagram will both be good choices. YouTube works well for both Business to Business and Business to Consumers.

Now you also have to look at what type of content you are most comfortable creating. If you are good with videos, YouTube and LinkedIn are the perfect places to start.
Why YouTube? Because people perform YouTube searches all day long looking for videos. And as your video's topic becomes more popular, your video will get more and more views.

You can also use your videos on Facebook to target the older demographics. However, if you are going after a younger demographic, Instagram would be your best bet.
It is crucial that you use the right social network  from day one. 

How to Create Content for Social Media Marketing?

So now that you already have a rough idea of which social network to target, the second crucial step you need to take is to start creating content. But what if you have no friends or any following. Well, friends and following come after you begin creating engaging content.

-The very first thing is to create and complete your social media profile.
All major social media platforms want you to design and complete your profile.
-Create a cute username
-Include your business email address 
-Upload a professional photo of yourself or your business.

In your profile, talk about the benefits your followers will experience from following you or subscribing to your channel if you are running a YouTube channel.

The best way to create content is to check out what the competition is talking about. It does not matter your industry or niche; you will always have competitors.
Check out:
-What type of content they are putting out.
-What kind of content is doing well for them.
-Which content is not performing.

If you are not sure who your competition is and what type of topics they are focusing on, go to JAAXY and search for the keyword.
You want to create posts on topics that resonate the best with your audience.

How To Build Relationships and Following on Social Media


Now that you are creating content that resonates with your audience making connections is next. Relationships online are no different than that offline. After all, you are on Social Media, and your ultimate goal is to talk to people about their interests and problems. Therefore, you need to connect with other humans and make interactions. 

Friend all the people you know and follow them. Engage in whatever they have to say. And say they are on Instagram and invite them to like your post on Facebook. It is easier to collaborate with people you already know, and you need to work harder if it is someone you meet for the first time.
Look for people who post status updates. Respond to the questions if they have any and help them out. If they have articles, it is an excellent idea to share them and repost them if they are of any value.

If you post on your page and someone responds, you should acknowledge that they are there. Likewise, give them a big thanks if they leave a comment. The goal here is to make them feel deeply engaged.

This then takes me to my last tip. It is not just about growing your number of followers; your goal is to have followers that engage.
Remember, you might have or grow your followers to 100,000, but only 500 of those people are engaged with your channel. That is, by the way, an insufficient number. So that tells Social Media networks that people do not like or share your content.

So, it is not about having the most amount of fans. You need fans that are engaging with you and your brand.
So, remember, you don't need someone who will not be active; you want to have as many people reacting to your content so you can gradually gain authority hence traffic to your product or service.

How To Convert Followers into Customers


You can do simple things to convert followers into customers, like just sharing a link. It is, however, not recommended to do from day one. Promoting your business does not make sense if no one knows you or anything about what you do.

-People will buy from people who they know and like. 

The very first goal is to:
-Make a deep relationship with your followers.
-Get to know them.
-Learn about their passions and interests.
-Provide value.  
-Try to solve their problems first.

The rule of thumb is not to promote your business until three to six months.
This is the best strategy for you to convert your Social Media Followers Into Customers. 

Feel free to leave a comment or a question below and I will be more than happy to help you with any questions you have.

Top Takeaways

It is essential for businesses to have social media presence as it can catapult the volume of business to the new levels. Done correctly, every business should make their goal to have customers come from different social media channels and become brand ambassadors. 

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