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In this in-depth Wealthy Affiliate Review with detailed breakdowns and expert analysis you will gain the insider insights on how to Choose an Interest or Passion that you already have and turn it into a thriving long-term business that you can be proud of.

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Tom's Message

Tom Hovhannisyan

What did they teach us in school?

You need to study hard, go to college, study hard for another 4 years get your Bachelors. After you got your Bachelors, borrow another 40-60k in student loans and get your masters. After you get your masters now you are ready to rock-n-roll. You will get a nice job that pays six figures a year and in 3 to 4 years you will pay off your student debt and start saving for retirement or start your own business. Does this ring a bell? It definitely rings a bell for me. 

Hello Everybody, 

My name is Tom Hovhannisyan. I am the guy behind this Wealthy Affiliate Review and the creator of The Wise Choices Network website you are currently on.
Let me tell you something. Everything that they told us is a lie, it is a big fat lie.
You want to know why?
Let me tell you why.
Most colleges will teach you stuff that you don't need or will teach you how to become a good employee.
They will give you complicated formulas that  you will never use in your life, some management theory that has nothing to do with the real world, some human resource nonsense knowledge and the list goes on and on. Long story short-they teach you to become a good employee.

What does a good employee do?

Work for someone else and get paid a tiny fraction of the profit that he or she made that employer. And this is the best scenario provided you find a job after graduating. I have seen people drive cabs with Master's Degree, I was one of them. You can read my story HERE.

Anyways, that is the OLD NORMAL.

There are several reasons for people wanting to change their circumstances and I am here to tell you mine and hopefully you can relate.

My 10 Reasons

  • It sucks to be an employee, I don't have the personality for it
  • I want to be able to earn Unlimited Income and be my own boss
  • Not to be on anybody's schedule. Go to work when you want it, go home when you decide to
  • Create Legacy for my kids. I am a single dad and want my kids, my grandkids to have some sort of financial security
  • Write your own paycheck instead of being at the mercy of others 
  • Freedom to do what I like and when I like it. 
  • Travel around the world and being able to easily pay for it.
  • Date beautiful girls and have nice dinners
  • Have a stream of passive income that no matter what you know you have x amount of money coming in every month
  • Support Charity of my choice.

The Old Way


The Better Way

10 Truths vs 10 Lies

Ten Commandments to Success

  •  You decide how much you want to make
  • Don't let anybody make your decisions
  • Have your own Schedule
  • Enjoy the work that you do
  • Get paid for your work
  • Your Business is Your Security
  • Go to work Excited
  • You choose where your life is headed to
  • Travel and be open to different ideas
  • Leave a legacy

Ten Commandments to Poverty

  • College education guarantees you a good job
  • Good employees work for good companies
  • Wake up early for  9-5 for 5 days a week
  • You have to trade your time for money
  • Job Market is Secure if you are educated
  • Treat the company as your own.
  • Get a Masters Degree to get promoted
  • Sign up for a 401k
  • Get a second job to pay the bills
  • Kiss ass to get promoted

When I first came across Wealthy Affiliate I knew it was the light at the end of this slavery tunnel.
I fell in love with the system that teaches you everything practical, no fluff, the real stuff.
This is why I am here to provide you with my honest perspective on it so you can decide for yourself whether or not this is the right choice for you.

This is what I want to suggest today!

Read through my Wealthy Affiliate Review.
If you have any questions regarding
Whatever you need help with 
feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you with my honest perspective. 
Trust me , Wealthy Affiliate is not perfect, nothing is.
But they are real and will teach you everything you need to know
to start your own business based on what your interests and passions are.

Whatever your life circumstances are, I understand.
You might be facing a hectic, crazy schedule, or going through some problems financially, emotionally or both, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to start focusing at least 2 hours a day building your own business.
Don't wait any longer!
You deserve it to have your own business!!!

Without further ado lets get to it.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Detailed Breakdown

Wealthy Affiliate-The Overview & Rankings

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Training: 4.8 out of 5.0

Support: 5.0 out of 5.0

Website Builder: 5.0 out of 5.0

WordPress Hosting: 4.2 out of 5.0

Research Tools: 4.2 out of 5.0

Success Stories: 5.0 out of 5.0

Price: Starter Member(free), Premium Membership ($49/month or $495/year)

Wealthy Affiliate Review-How it Works

At Wealthy Affiliate you are going to learn everything about Affiliate Marketing:
-What It Is 
-How It Works  
-Different Strategies  
to hit the ground running.
Most of the principles that they teach are evergreen. Just like in the offline world,
we as humans have passions and interests and are constantly trying to capitalize on them by making money. What do we do?
We decide on what to sell, set up our store and start promoting our products and services to the market place. 

It is no different in the online world.

Let's say you have an idea that only you know about, it is unique to you.
Now, how do you make money off of that idea?
You build a website and start promoting your website to potential customers.
Now, all of that seems normal and logical, right? 
If you know how to accomplish all of that, good. 
More kudos to you.
But for the most part, me personally,
I want to train myself on how to work the business from a trusted source
that is teaching you everything based on their own experience and expertise.
So, first things first,
you need to learn about the process and go through the training.

Here is How the Process Flows

step 1

Transform Your Ideas into Profits

We as humans have passions, interests, ideas, inspirations or whatever you want to call it.
Those things get us excited when we think about them. Just imagine being able to make money off of that idea or passion.

To choose an interest is the first step in the process. And even if you don't have an idea at the moment, that's ok.
Wealthy Affiliate will present you with the most common and obvious ones just to make your brain start focusing again.
There are over 1,000,000 different niches out there that you can choose from.

step 2
Transform Your Ideas

Build Beautiful, Profit Ready Websites

Build Beautiful Websites

To Build a Website is no different then building your store,
except for to build a store you need lots of money,
may be north of $50,000 in the best case scenario. 

To build a website, or I should say to install the initial framework on this platform takes less than 30 seconds.
Buy a domain, which is normally less than $20,
hit a couple of keys and boom you have your initial website.


step 3

Proven Strategies to Attract Loads of Traffic

Attracting visitors means, now that you have your store, your website, you need customers to buy your products or services, right?

There is a ton of training on how to bring customers to your store both organically, meaning naturally or through paid channels. PPC, Social Media etc.

step 4

Earn Revenue

Your Revenue Sources are unlimited

Now that you have customers who are coming to your store,
you are going to make money by promoting what those customers are looking for.
There are over 600,000 products both physical and digital that you can choose from.
You don't need to carry any inventory, because you are selling other people's products for a high commission.
At times it can be as high as 90%!!!

Like I said before,
the most obvious and safe way to start a business is to choose an INTEREST that you are passionate about.
Let me give you an example.

I personally love Internet Marketing, it is my passion.
I go to bed and wake up with it on my mind. For me to build a business around that niche would be very easy because I always have something to talk about and be excited about. 

-Search Engine Optimization

-Social Media Marketing

-Video Marketing

-Website Design

-Email Marketing

-Lead Generation for Local Businesses

-Pay Per Click Marketing

These are just examples of different segments,
or as they call it Niches within the industry of Internet Marketing.
Now, your interests might be different from mine.
You might be interested about selling physical products, or promote an online dating site,
dog training is another one, weight loss, stock trading.
I mean, you get the idea.
Whatever your passions and interests are. 

And again, I am going to provide you with a sample list below here
for you to see the unlimited opportunity that you can have with Online Marketing.

Examples of Niches to Choose From

Anti Aging
Back Pain
Board Games

Dog Training
Get Your Ex Back
Make Money Online
Weight Loss

Who is  this Wealthy Affiliate Review for

College Students
University Students
Retired Individuals
Retired And Disabled Veterans
People With Disability Who Can Work From Their Computer
New Career Seekers
People Who Seek Advancement
Laid Off Employees
People Collecting Unemployment
People With Massive Health Bills
Low Salary Employees
High Salary Employees Who Want More
Minimum Wage Workers
Passive Income Seekers
Residual Income Seekers
Baby Boomers About To Retire
People Who Vacation a Lot And Love The Freedom
People Who Have Loans And Cash Advances
People With Mortgages
People Going Through Foreclosure
People With Undesirable Jobs
Office Workers
People Looking To Win The Lottery
People Looking For Computer Jobs And Remote Jobs
People Who Want To Learn Computer Programming
People Who Want To Get a Marketing, Finance or Business Education
Someone Who Wants To Quit Their Job
Someone Looking For a Franchise
Summer Job Seekers
Ebay Sellers
Real Estate Investors
Online Survey Takers

The Feature Highlights

Wealthy Affiliate is simple yet full of features



Jaaxy: BestKeywordResearchTool






Once you join Wealthy Affiliate you are going to go through a Step by Step Training. 

What I love about training at Wealthy Affiliate
is that it gives you assignments to complete by the end of each training.
So basically, you are learning new stuff and applying to your business after each training,
therefore it is hands on and practical and not out of space like your traditional college.
Most of the training is in a Video format which I find it very helpful.

-Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)

-Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)

-Live Video Classes every Friday

-Text and Video Tutorials (over 1000) and more...

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned marketer it caters to all levels.

Wealthy Affiliate Support

Support at Wealthy Affiliate is phenomenal, blazingly fast, practical and relevant.
When starting out, you are going to have a lot of questions and would be needing a lot of help.
One thing that Wealthy Affiliate can be proud of is the Support System that is phenomenal. 

You have many different options when it comes to help.

-You can engage in Live Chat with other members and ask them questions. 
  And believe me, this is like a Big Family of people helping each other out.

-You can leave a comment or a question and somebody will pick it up within seconds.

-You can private message even the owners, Kyle and Carson and will get a response 

They have an outstanding team for website hosting and support.
Based on my experience, the average response time is about 5 minutes.


Jaaxy: BestKeywordResearchTool

Is an amazing keyword research platform that was developed specifically for affiliate marketers.
JAAXY in my opinion is one of the best keyword research tools when it comes to
-Keyword Research
-Competition Analysis
-Keyword and Niche ideas
-Alphabet Soup Technique
And much more
Is it perfect? No.
But, it is by far the best keyword research platform that every internet marketer should have access to.

Start Your Research Below!
Type a Keyword into Search Box to test drive JAAXY


Every business needs to have its storefront, and your website is your storefront.
With SiteRubix, you can create your website in about 30 seconds.
It comes preloaded with tools and plugins that lets you analyze,
manage and rank your site high in search engines.
It is an awesome tool that was build by Wealthy Affiliate
to help its affiliates to become more time efficient and successful.
And it is very easy to use for people just starting out.
Enter a name for your Free website in the box below


Wealthy Affiliate provides you with WordPress hosting at no additional cost to you that is very fast.
Hosting is blazingly fast and with a starter account you can host 2 free .siterubix.com websites.
However, if you decide to upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership,
you will be able to host 25 free .siterubix.com websites and 25 or your own domains. 


Wealthy Affiliate has by far the largest online marketing community in the World.
Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you are able to network
with a large group of successful Internet Marketing folks from all over the world.
This the best place to make connections with like minded individuals
and professionals who are here for the same reason you are here, to make connections.

Las Vegas Annual Conference For Top Earners

Las Vegas Annual Conference

If you are willing to work hard at your own business promoting Wealthy Affiliate
 and make 300 sales within a calendar year,
then you are invited to attend the Las Vegas Annual Conference for Top Earners.
Everything is paid for, your room and board, your flight ticket
and you get to spend three full days with the owners
and other top notch Internet Marketers who are making Millions of Dollars a year doing what they love.

Pretty good stuff!!!

What People Are Saying About Wealthy Affiliate

Based on 395 reviews on Trustpilot

How Much Money Can You Make

Now at this point, you are probably asking yourself,
-What's In It For Me  
-How Much Money Can I Make Starting My Own Business Online.
I have published that information for you starting from
Month 1 Accomplishments to Year Five.
Your results can be very different from the ones that you see,
I want your results to be a lot higher than what is predicted here given you do the work.

Month 1: Accomplishments

-Website Set-up
-Initial Framework of Content
-Indexed in Google, Bing, Yahoo
-You Have 5-10 Posts on Your Website

Earning Potential: 

A Few Sales, just getting your business foundation started

Month 3: Accomplishments

-Content Starting to Get Ranked
-Experience Some Big Breakthroughs in Search
-Have Made Your First Sale or Two
-Traffic is Cumulatively Starting to Grow
-Search Engines are Starting to Give Your Site Authority
-You Have 30-60 Posts on your Website

Earning Potential:

$0-$500 per month

Month 3: Accomplishments

-Content Starting to Get Ranked
-Experience Some Big Breakthroughs in Search
-Have Made Your First Sale or Two
-Traffic is Cumulatively Starting to Grow
-Search Engines are Starting to Give Your Site Authority
-You Have 30-60 Posts on your Website

Earning Potential:

$0-$500 per month

Month 6: Accomplishments

-Traffic is Starting to Flow, 100 Uniques Per Day
-Sales Start To Increase With Consistency, Several Per Week.
-You Are Truly Starting To Gain Some Expertise And Brand
-Bing/Yahoo Start Indexing Your Site At a Higher Rate
-Engagement On Your Site Starts To Increase
-You Have 60-100 Posts On Your Site

Earning potential:

$500-$3000 per month

One Year: Accomplishments

-Traffic is Really Starting To Ramp Up
-You Can Expect 500+ Uniques Per Day
-Google Is Granting Your Site With Some Serious Authority
-Companies And Other Bloggers Start To Reach Out And Connect With You
-You Are Making WA Sales And Other Affiliate Sales Daily
-The Vegas Super Affiliate Conference Is In Your Sites
-You Have 100-150 Posts On Your Website

Earning potential:

$3000-$10,000 per month

Two Years: Accomplishments

-Your Business Is Truly Starting To Thrive
-You Are Definitely a Noticeable Force In The Search Engine World. 
-Google Ranks Your New Content Within 24 Hours Of It Being Posted
-You Are Earning a Full Time Income Online
-Vegas Is Yours, You Have Most Definitely Made It
-You Have 200-300 Posts On Your Site

Earning Potential:

$10,000-$20,000 per month

Five Years: Accomplishments

-You Are a Brand/Authority In The Industry
-You Have a Full Time Business Online, Likely 6 Figures Plus Annually
-Google, Bing and Yahoo Love You
-You Are Taking Earnings And Spending It To Drive Your Business Through Paid Channels
-You Likely, Have Made Several Hires, Including Writers, Designers And a Virtual Assistant
-You Made Vegas In The First 1-2 Months Of The Year( With Your Sites On The 3000 Sales)
-You Are In a Position To Double Your Business Annually

Earning Potential:

$10,000-$50,000 per month

How Much To Join

Wealthy Affiliate Complete Platform Walkthrough

In this video walkthrough Kyle gives you a tour of the platform and shows everything you have access to at Wealthy Affiliate.
Watch the video to find your way around.

What People are Saying About Me


Nice to work

Its nice to work with him.

Tanvir Hossain

It was a pleasure working with you


It was a pleasure working with you. You are professional, detail oriented, diligent, and a supreme expertise in all you do. It was more than honor to be part of your team and if requested in the prospective future, I would not hesitate to say yes. Thank you very much for teaching and sharing your knowledge on a few things, for your honest perspective on enhancing interpersonal skills, and most importantly your friendship and much more. Wishing you an abundance of luck in all you do.

Laura Artis - NY Social Agenda

Was a pleasure working with Tom

It was a pleasure working with Tom, and look forward to working together in the future. I will recommend him to anyone, based on his overall professionalism, diligence, and ability to make good, strong decisions

Brett Romack - Team Leader

Thank you very much

Dear Tom Markos and Staff Thank you very much for this very unique and enjoyable writing experience. When we first started this journey together as employer and employee, I did not know what to expect however, I remain elated and grateful to be part of a very well organized and professional business. Additionally, I have learnt so much from working with your staff and I will be forever grateful.I look forward to working with you in the future if the experience presents itself once more. Thank you once again Laura M. Artis

Laura M. Artis

Mr.Tom was wonderful

Mr. Tom was wonderful. He was very flexible, understanding and interesting to work with. The range of work he had was also great. I would love to work with him again in future projects. Thanks Tom!

Donna Mumbua - Content Creator

Great Pleasure to work with Tom

I had a great pleasure to work with Tom. During the time we worked together, he showed himself as a hardworking, smart person with high sense of responsibility. Tom has very strong technical skills, which he effectively applies to his every day work. He is strong educated, always up to date with every newborn technology in IT world. Tom is a person you could always rely on in any situation, he is always ready to help and cooperate. He is not just a great professional, but also an extremely friendly personality. He would be an incredible asset in any job he participate.

Samvel Siradeghyan - Software Engineer


thanks .. will look to work again

Faysal Mahmud Martin - Article Writer

An Excellent Employer

Mr. Tom is an excellent employer to work with. He is the best. Great communication and prompt payment! Its a pleasure to work with him

Abhishek Bandhu

A detailed-oriented CEO

Tom is a detailed-oriented CEO and is very direct and business professional and it is my recommendation , that he is asset to any organization that might use his skills to better their own businesses

Pamela Lancaster - Resource Manager

Highly recommended employer

Highly recommended employer for all stewards of time-very understanding, patient, kind and very clear in giving instructions. Can't wait to hit the keyboard for his articles.

Kamau Mburu - Content Creator

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Actually Make Money Online

My first advise is to do some soul searching. What are your interests, what are you passionate about, what would you like to do if you had free time. Secondly, join a training program that can help you and direct you towards achieving your goal. My first recommendation would be to join Wealthy Affiliate and go through their training.

How Can a Beginner Make Money Online

In order for a beginner to make money online they need to choose their direction first. The first and foremost thing I would recommend is to start the training here at Wealthy Affiliate for free.

How To Make Money From Home

In order to make money from home you first need to know about the products or services you are going to be promoting. Do some research, find an affiliate program that pays commission for promoting their products and services, build your website and start driving traffic to it.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

The best platform that teaches you how to start affiliate marketing is called Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Affiliate Marketing Meaning

Affiliate Marketing meaning is to sell other people's products and services for a commission.

How Do I Become an Affiliate Marketer

The fastest way to become an Affiliate Marketer is by joining Wealthy Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Marketing Highest Commission

Commissions in Affiliate Marketing vary highly from Industry to Industry. They can be as low as 5% and as high as 75%. I highly recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate as they pay top dollar for every sale you make.


Pros and Cons

Here are some Pros and Cons about Wealthy Affiliate


  • Hands-on Training With Daily Assignments   
  • Support is Outstanding and Fast to Reply
  • Build Your Site Within a Matter of Minutes
  • Community is Very Encouraging
  • No Fluff. Everything is From the Real World


  • Might Experience Slow Loading of the Site 
  • Some of the Training Needs to be Updated
  • Keyword Tool Sometimes Not Accurate
  • Duplicate Content Checker Does Not Work
  • Takes Time to Make Money

My Final Opinion+Special BONUS


4.8 out of 5.0


5.0 out of 5.0

Research Tools

4.2 out of 5.0

Site Rubix

5.0 out of 5.0


4.2 out of 5.0

Success Stories

5.0 out of 5.0



I recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate for Free. Sign up for a Starter Account and see if everything I have mentioned here is true or not, is it something that you would like to pursue.
In other words, do your homework, test drive the system without spending a penny out of your pocket. When you sign up for a Starter Account, make sure you post your photo and write a couple of sentences about you, 

-What Brings You To The Online World?
-What Are your Income Goals?
-How Are You Going To Achieve Them?
-What Do You Need Help With?

Join Wealthy Affiliate, It's $0. Get Rolling Now!

How to Claim Your Bonus...

When you sign up to your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus:

1. Become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days and get a 60% discount

2. I will be personally contacting you on your profile with my “hello” and some more information about WA, how to get help from me 

3. One on One 30 minute Coaching Sessions for THREE weeks for FREE!!!

You are going to love it (hint: you are going to have access to my 14 years of experience and mentorship)

About the Author

Hi, My name is Tom, I love travel and the ocean, I take photos to keep my memories alive. Online Marketing has been my passion since the early days when it was just evolving.

Internet to me is the 8th Wonder Of The World that is responsible for producing more millionaires and billionaires than all the industries in the World combined. 


Tom Hovhannisyan

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